A joint Global statement on Climate Change

On 29th May 2020 APECS announced that, along with four other leading coaching, mentoring and supervision professional bodies, AC, APAC, EMCC, and the ICF, we had signed a global statement committing ourselves to collaborative action and a collective voice on the current climate and biodiversity crisis:



APECS has always held at its heart a systemic view to inform our practice. And we have held events open to members and guests that reflect our awareness and concern for global issues such as the climate emergency, ESG and AI.  This reflects alignment in spirit and action to our stated purpose that:

APECS exists to ensure that in a complex world, organisations are enabled to use coaching and supervision to deliver ethical and sustainable development.

In our announcement we talked of the need for collaboration in the wake of the climate crises that we all face, allying with likeminded bodies equally moved by the spirit of pursuing a greater collective good.  And we invited questions and thought from our members.   


Updates to the joint statement

The global statement now has ten leading coaching, coaching psychology, mentoring and supervision professional bodies who have signed the Joint Global Statement on Climate Change who have all committed to a collective voice and collaborative action on the climate and ecological crisis in this unique collaboration. 


The 10 bodies are the AC, AoCS, APAC, APECS, COMENSA, EMCC, IAC, ICF, ICSP and IOC. Given our role in developing individuals and organisations in the service of creating social value, we have pledged to work together to play our part in addressing this emergency.  We share a commitment to raising awareness and knowledge with our members and to providing safe and challenging spaces for them to reflect on their role and their practice in the light of global challenges. 


You can find the up to date statement here.


You can also find resources on coaching and climate change on the APECS website here.  


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