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Certified Professional membership is suitable for those with an established practice and for whom executive team coaching is a significant part of their working practice and professional identity. It can serve as ‘way station’ on the path to accreditation but there is no longer an expectation that practising team coaches must move to full accreditation. The professional and educational standards are the same as for full accreditation (i.e., Masters Level or equivalent) as are the requirements for CPPD and supervision.

Criteria Guidelines summary for APECS Certified Professional Team Coach

Applicants need to demonstrate extensive one–to–one executive team coaching experience typically over at least three years; and that executive team coaching is a significant component of their working practice and professional identity. (Note – this relates to their normal working week however coaching on a voluntary basis is welcomed as appropriate experience).

They are required to provide portfolio evidence to include:

  1. Professional standards of learning together with any formal, recognised qualification in a relevant subject (to Masters level or equivalent); OR portfolio evidence of an equivalent level of Professional standards of learning of the knowledge and understanding relevant to the executive team coaching context;
  2. Understanding and application of ethical and boundary management considerations in coaching;
  3. Significant (i.e. a minimum of five years) executive business experience personally (e.g. line management and / or consultancy) in addition to experience as an Executive Coach;
  4. Applicants will also have to articulate, as required, the detailed rationale / philosophy of their practice and model of working;
  5. Evidence of and commitment to continuing personal professional development including self-awareness and supervision;
  6. Demonstration of an interest in and some manner of contribution to the executive team coaching profession.
  7. Reflection on professional practice and evaluation of professional practice;
  8. Acceptance of and intention to abide by APECS Ethical Guidelines;
  9. An undertaking to comply with any UK or other requirements or those governing the geographic area in which they work;
  10. Applicants will be required to provide references from 2 referees and a statement from their supervisor confirming supervisory arrangements.


  1. “Executive” is defined as ‘a person who has a level of leadership responsibility (financial / operational / people) and / or responsibility for policy formulation and / or who makes a senior level individual contribution in the organisation’.
  2. APECS refers to CPPD by including the term ‘personal’ in the normal use of the phrase as a way of emphasising how it is often a very personal choice people make about how they develop their work and capabilities in this field.


The Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) is the top level professional membership body for executive coaching, supervision, and advisory services to corporate organisations.

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