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APECS December 2020 Events

APECS December 2020 Events

Upcoming this month and new additions to 2021 schedule

We've now started to add events for next year to the Scheduled Events page, so please do check to see if there are any you would like to book on to. In particular, you'll notice that we've added all the dates for our member's Community Gatherings!

You will note that our first scheduled webinar for December is on Monday 7th - "Dancing with Fear and Confidence", presented by APECS member Laura Walker.

Dancing with Fear and Confidence - December 7, 3pm UK time

An event open to both APECS non-members and members for a small fee.

With so many coachees in transition, Laura will share her award-winning research on the dance between confidence and fear and midlife career fulfilment. She will challenge long held assumptions about careers guidance and share what we really need to understand about mid-life reinvention.

Based on her award-winning research and her new book, in this session, Laura will:

  • Share what you really need to understand about mid-life reinvention
  • Reveal the three most important findings from her research
  • Highlight the eight most common pitfalls for practitioners - and how you can avoid them

This will be an engaging, practical, and developmental event not to be missed. Find out more and book your place by clicking the button below.


Our other scheduled event for December is a special session for APECS members

Inquiry gathering to explore Business Development in your Coaching Practice - December 10, 12pm UK time

This inquiry led by Frances White is all about getting more work in your practice.

Learning to find and sell work in a relational way is critical if, as coaches, we want to offer our services to the market in a way that “feels right".

This APECS Inquiry Group will give participants the opportunity to explore together:

  • What are our experiences of earning money in the coaching profession?
  • What would we like to explore in order to make more money doing the work we love?
  • What else might we need to inquire into, in order to do that?

This is also an invitation for those who are very successful commercially to join in and share generously with others of their peers what they have done and how, in order to strengthen our coaching community more broadly. This will be an ongoing inquiry with the opportunity to continue the exchange over many sessions.


You can find all of our scheduled events by clicking here, and if you have any questions regarding any of our scheduled events, or you would like to run an APECS member event yourself, please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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