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Appropriate for: An Accredited Member who, at the time of renewal or within 3 years of having ceased membership, wishes to keep in touch with the field of executive coaching, executive team coaching and supervision through the events and contacts with APECS.

Criteria Guidelines summary for APECS Retired Accredited Membership

They are required to:

  • Show evidence of and commitment to ongoing personal professional development (CPPD). The level of CPPD should reflect the level of interest and activity intended to be maintained in coaching or supervision, at the minimum it should include reading relevant journals, books etc. The usual CPPD statement for renewal should be supplied with applications and renewals;
  • The requirement for supervision continues if the member is still engaged in coaching or supervising. The usual Supervisors statement will apply. If it is intended to continue coaching or supervising the usual renewal Supervisors Statement should be supplied with the application and any subsequent renewal;
  • Accept and commit to abide by APECS Ethical Guidelines; and the need to continue to engage in appropriate Supervision and CPPD;
  • Comply with any UK requirements or those governing the geographic area in which you work;
  • If you are still practising - have Professional Liability Insurance of at least £1 million (or monetary equivalent) per incident, which either specifically refers to executive coaching / supervision or you have written confirmation from your insurer that executive coaching / supervision is included;
  • Accept and commit to abide by the aspects of the Memorandum and Articles of Association that relate to membership.


The Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) is the top level professional membership body for executive coaching, supervision, and advisory services to corporate organisations.

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  • To find out more about the benefits of joining APECS, please contact:
  • The Membership Secretary
  • membership@apecs.org
  •   +44 (0)3302 000 244
  • Further details on our programme of London events can be obtained from The Real Sessions website.