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Geography covered:

I am UK based but coach globally.

Experience as an Executive Coach:

I primarily worked as an internal coach at GSK from 2013-2021. The last four years there I primarily coached emerging women leaders as part of the company’s program focused on supporting accelerated development of women leaders. Starting in 2020 I began coaching externally and have an ongoing executive coaching practice as part of my own consultancy (www.apiscg.com)

Business and Organisational Experience:

I am an organisational development consultant, executive coach and mentor with expertise in business strategy, performance, inclusion & diversity, leadership and change. I have 20 years’ experience working in a multinational pharma organisation as well as more than 5 years of professional experience working in education/non-profit community organisations. I have my NTL Organisational Development certification as well as being an APECS Certified Professional Executive Coach.

As an out queer (non-binary, gay) person I have nearly 10 years of leadership in inclusion and diversity with an emphasis on LGBTQ+. I have been recognised twice as an Involve Top 50 OUTstanding LGBT+ Future Leader. I am a Co-Founder and current Co-Chair of the Proud Science Alliance, a collective of healthcare and life sciences sector LGBTQ+ networks and partners who work together to raise the bar on LGBTQ+ inclusion within their organisations and the sector as a whole. I have mentored emerging inclusion leaders across multiple companies and am regularly invited to speak at events. As a reverse mentor, I have worked with corporate executive team members to support their growth as inclusive leaders.


Psychological Experience:

While working in the corporate, non-profit and educational sectors for more than 25 years, I have integrated personal study and practice across the mind-body-spirit continuum. I have done this formally through graduate degrees, an MSc in Exercise Physiology from Springfield College, and an MSc in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, gaining in depth understanding of how our bodies work. Building on this foundation, I have used other formal learning opportunities, workshops, reading and practices such as exercise, yoga, meditation and chakra healing techniques to gain practical understanding of how our minds and spirits intersect with our bodies. With further formal training in interpersonal/group dynamics and Gestalt, I am skilled in working with individuals and groups to build knowledge and awareness of how we can better know ourselves, heal our bodies and stand in our power.


Professional Coaching Practice:

While I am open to coaching all levels of leader, I specialise in working with leaders and aspiring leaders who are part of communities of difference. I am particularly passionate about helping individuals recognise, honour and embrace their difference, then integrate it as part of their authentic leadership brand.

Particular preferences and/or coaching strengths:

I have worked with all levels of leaders from around the world, specialising in working with individuals who come from communities of difference. My coaching style and approach can be summarised across a few dimensions:

  • Coaching presence (I am here with you) – foundationally, one of my strengths as a coach is being very present. Safety is important so you can do the work you need to do, so my intention is always to create a scenario where you feel I am walking beside you.
  • Positivity (I believe in you) – I personally live with a very positive mindset, and that shows up strongly in my coaching. While coaching is often about dealing with obstacles or moving beyond barriers or dealing with real or perceived deficiencies, I know it’s important to also bring in positive themes or patterns.
  • Somatics (I trust our bodies to speak truth) – I ground my personal development and my coaching practice in the belief there is connection across the mind-body-spirit continuum. While coaching can often be centred on the mind, I use somatics, sensations in my physical body, in my coaching as an additional means for feedback about what is going on.
  • Use of Self/Gestalt (I impact by being thoughtfully present) – I completed Gestalt training from the London Gestalt Centre that I integrate with my NTL Organisational Development certification to effectively use my presence, knowledge and intuition as a coach. I understand how to effectively ‘use myself’ as a supportive instrument for your development.
  • Challenge (I build trust to move into challenge) – As a coach, I hold up the mirror, which can sometimes be challenging. However, I will always do this with a foundation of trust so challenge, though sometimes hard to hear, will feel safe and useful.
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