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Dr Lise Lewis
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Lise is founder Bluesky International provider of EMCC EQA accredited coach training programmes and ESQA accredited global coach supervision training which is delivered virtually. She has an international coaching and coach supervision practice and is an EMCC EIA accredited Master Coach and ESIA accredited Coach Supervisor receiving the EMCC Winner Award for Coaching Supervision 2019. Lise integrates her people skills as a Chartered Fellow of CIPD with a Masters in Business Administration as an Executive Coach focusing primarily on relational leadership.  
Drawing on a doctoral research study into feedback Lise authored Relational Feedback: Why Feedback Fails and How to Make it Meaningful published by Routledge in February 2020. Lise speaks regularly at global conferences in the Far East, the Americas and mainland Europe on a wide range of topics including keynotes on the impact of Artificial intelligence on the future of coaching. She is immediate past President of EMCC Global (2011-2017) and is now EMCC Global Special Ambassador. Lise also contributes to pro bono projects: EthicalCoach and CoachActivism.


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