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I’ve been practicing business coaching since 2008, prior to which I held senior line management and consultancy roles that required a coaching style as integral to my competency in leading others. Executive clients include individual leaders across industry sectors, who hold Board and/or C-Suite responsibilities, and senior managers who hold line management responsibility. I also have a passion for and extensive experience in coaching teams, senior leadership teams and peer groups. I am a qualified Organisation Development Consultant and Organisational Psychologist registered with the British Psychology Society, and hold coach accreditation with the Association for Coaching, the International Coaching Council and Behavioral Coaching Institute-USA, alongside being an accredited APECS Executive and Team Coach.

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About me (BA; PGDip; MSc; MA):

I adopt an integrative approach grounded in whole system thinking that draws from several disciplines, from my commercial experience and a deep understanding of organisational and behavioural dynamics; I take up my role as a co-learner, facilitator and collaborator to create and hold spaces for reflection, the generation of new insights for transformative outcomes. My stance is curious, honest, challenging and supportive. Working creatively with my clients to locate, and then to stay with their individual or collective growth edge to move beyond the limitations of current thinking and meaning making for enhanced impact in their organisations. My methods are cognitive, embodied, somatic and artful in nature. It is not unusual when working with me for us to use drawing, Lego, music, story telling, mindfulness, movement and poetry.

My Clients:

Executive clients include individual leaders across industry sectors, who hold Board and/or C-Suite responsibilities, and senior managers who hold line management responsibility. I coach senior leadership teams and leader peer groups across particular communities of practice. Engagements typically span:

  • CEOs and senior leadership teams driving new strategies, culture change and transformation initiatives
  • Senior executives transitioning into new and substantially more complex roles, including Board level positions
  • Teams led by the above categories of executives
  • Team mergers and cross disciplinary teams coming together to deliver on a collective mandate
  • Highly valued individuals stepping into leadership for the first time
  • Legacy coaching for retiring Board level or C-Suite executives
  • Women and men returning to senior level roles after a period of absence
  • Interpersonal, inter-team conflict resolution and mediation coaching

Business background:

I began my career at Accenture in change and strategy consulting, before moving into leadership roles at BMW, ThreeArchitecture and Dimension Data having spent time as a senior consultant at Monitor, now part of Deloitte. In 2003 I founded Tonic Ltd, an executive coaching and organisational consulting practice to pursue my passion for supporting individuals, teams and organisations through moments of transformative change. It was also a time of profound learning whilst raising a family. Between 2010 and 2016 I augmented what I call the ‘above the surface’ expertise with master degree level qualifications, practitioner experience and a deep understanding of working with the individual, interpersonal, group and system unconscious. A published author, Not what I Had in mind. In 2013 I moved into an internal Organisation Development consulting role at Investec to deepen my practice in systems coaching, whilst still managing Tonic Ltd.

I hold professional registration with the British Psychology Society (BPS) and their Special Group in Coaching and am a member of the International Society for Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO).

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