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I engage with leaders seeking support to achieve their aspirations and performance goals. With over 25 years combined experience of management, leadership and executive coaching, I bring competence, confidentiality and commitment to the coaching relationship.

Full Profile

My Coaching Practice:

Our approach to life is primarily driven by our awareness of our own behaviours and clarity of understanding of others. Our responses are subject to our competence, environment, beliefs and values. I believe a predominantly ‘relational’ approach which encompasses these factors and a systemic perspective on the dynamics of an individual interacting with their colleagues, helps a client to gain clarity on their own values, motivations and sense of identity. I also utilise a variety of behavioural change techniques relevant to the circumstance and client need.

Engaging in this way helps the client develop an authentic personal style appropriate to the needs of the day.

My Main Services

  • One to one personal coaching
  • Executive team business role profiling
  • Leadership team coaching and facilitation
  • Mentoring and career development

My Experience

My recent coaching clients are a mix of international, UK-based and start-up clients. I also work with private clients from FTSE100 companies. I coach at ‘The Retreat’ in Ledbury and various locations around the UK.

Recent assignments include:
  • A member of the senior leadership team seeking behavioural change to utilise ‘pace’ effectively bringing the company with him through a period of change requiring creativity, time to think and underpinning process.
  • A female leader with recognised potential, promoted, struggling in a male dominated environment.
  • A senior leader with confidence issues in specific meeting environments.
  • An independent lawyer setting up a new practice, perspective management of gender engagement, goal setting, personal brand and life balance.
  • An individual with board member aspirations, goal settings, stakeholder management and a touch of imposter syndrome.
  • Speaker opportunities to help develop team competencies in coaching techniques.

My Career History

I have a software engineering/technology background. Working with QinetiQ for over 20 years I was privileged to lead technology transfers to industry, set up and run a £20M innovation fund and establish the first UK Certified Pentesting (Cyber security) team for the finance industry.

Over 15 years ago, I took an interest in a coaching programme to develop further, my own preferred leadership style of coaching. My interest developed to eventually sponsoring the company leadership programmes, coaching members of the executive team and ‘top 100’ and sponsoring/mentoring a coaching program to develop a coaching culture throughout the company. In 2014 I undertook a Masters to consolidate a depth and breadth of practice and in 2016 left to set up an external practice.
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