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I partner with leaders, teams and organisations to support them to:

  • Have clarity on their purpose and goals.
  • Make better decisions and learn how to make better decisions.
  • Increase their effectiveness and performance.
  • Achieve meaningful, sustainable change.
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About my Practice

I am a coach and a consultant in the areas of strategy development and deployment, organisation development, leadership development, and change programme delivery.

As an executive coach, I support individual leaders to:

  • Identify and achieve meaningful objectives for their personal development and their organisation’s growth.
  • Deal with challenging situations and periods of significant change.
  • Lead their organisations effectively, particularly in periods of challenge and change.
As a performance coach, I work with leaders and teams to increase their effectiveness by embedding the skills and behaviours of high performance teams.

A major focus of my approach is on the decision-making practices of individuals and groups. I work with individuals, teams and organisations to help them to make better decisions, and to learn how to make better decisions. I believe that by making better choices, we can improve our performance and our wellbeing.

My approach is grounded in the modern cognitive and behavioural sciences, including evolutionary psychology and behavioural economics.

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My approach is informed by the following relevant experience:

  • Over five years as an executive coach working with leaders and developing leaders. For two years I co-delivered and coached a six month long, full time, project-based leadership development programme.
  • 13 years within the Pharmaceutical sector and four years in the Financial sector. Experience within R&D, Commercial, Corporate and Finance divisions, and within global and regional roles.
  • Five years in leadership roles for complex, large scale organisational change programmes that required significant process change, behaviour change and capability building.
  • Eight years in roles focused on strategy development. I have taught strategy development within a leadership development programme and I have re-designed an organisation’s annual strategic planning process.
  • I have completed research into decision making within large organisations to understand what supports and what inhibits good decision making.


  • MA Neuroscience (Hons) (Cambridge University, June 1998)
  • Accredited as an executive coach by a corporate coaching programme (GSK, 2013).
  • Accredited as a Consultant by a corporate programme focused on improving organisation effectiveness and performance (GSK, 2013).
  • NTL Organisation Development Practitioner Certificate (2013)
  • ‘Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World’, online course (University of Groningen, 2015)
  • Psychotherapy & Counselling Certificate (Regent’s University, 2017)

Geography where I offer my services

I work mainly within and near London, UK. I also offer executive coaching via Skype.

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