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Aubyn is a leadership coach with thirty years' experience of consulting, facilitating and coaching within a wide variety of organisations in the UK and internationally. He works holistically to help leaders develop and create congruence between their inner and outer lives. He is also programme director for the Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching.

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Developing leaders and developing coaches

Aubyn has 30 years' experience as a consultant, facilitator and coach, bringing about transformational change and leadership development by working closely with senior leadership teams. He worked in the Merchants Group for 17 years, becoming Strategy Director and heading up customer management and change management consulting services before going independent in 1999. Aubyn's focus is on facilitating development within individuals, teams and organisations, bringing together behavioural, psychological, cultural and systemic perspectives.

  • MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies with The Human Potential Research Group (founded by John Heron) at Surrey University in 1999;
  • Trained with the Institute of Psychosynthesis between 2000-2004 (led by Joan and Roger Evans);
  • Certified Spiral Dynamics (with both Chris Cowan and Don Beck);
  • NLP practitioner (NLPU with Robert Dilts);
  • Programme Director for the Post-Graduate Certificate in Pyschosynthesis Leadership Coaching.
His clients in the UK, continental Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, include: Abbey, Acoura, Atlas Knowledge, British American Investment Group, Birmingham & Solihull Business Link, DfES, European Union, GDFC, Hays, HgCapital, Lloyds TSB, London and Continental Railways, Mercedes, Nycomed, Roche, Takeda, Virgin Atlantic and others in financial services, ICT, retail, leisure, travel, transport,pharmaceuticals, private equity, healthcare, utilities, and business services.

"Aubyn and I met for 1:1 coaching for a couple of hours monthly or more and during that year, I gradually saw new sides of myself, and was able to find solutions to day to day problems. I learned about my strengths and how to use them, and about my areas for improvement. It was a journey that revealed things about myself, that I can now use as tools in my daily business and leadership? the sessions made me able to focus and step up to the task as a leader and professional. Work is much more fun, and I felt appreciated and recognized." CM, Medical Director, Pharmaceutical Industry.

"Aubyn has quickly got buy in from the team and myself and has made a positive impact to the financial health of the company through better team work, working with individuals on a one to one basis on performance issues and in the successful development of the annual plans and strategies. He has also used his coaching skills to support the companies strategic direction and can be relied upon for independent and positive inputs. It has been a pleasure to work with Aubyn and I would recommend him to other companies without any hesitation." JR, CEO, Business Services Industry.

"Aubyn provided leadership development support for key individuals in my team who were facing particular challenges, e.g. in leadership behaviours or positioning with others in the organisation. He facilitated 360 feedback exercises and leadership development planning as part of this. Many of the individuals Aubyn supported in this have achieved great things within the new organisation." AS, Strategy Director, Pharma Industry.

"Organisational transformations and transitions needs to be managed at different levels, and working with Aubyn and CLC brought all these levels together. We gradually built a more innovative, dynamic, drug hunting culture within an operation across different sites in Europe and India. Most significantly this reflected in transformed organisational performance and the achievement of our critical goals. It was very valuable to have Aubyn coaching and engaging with the team throughout this journey to address the human challenges at individual, team and system levels." SN, VP Discovery, Pharmaceutical Industry.
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