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I have been practicing coaching for over 12 years working with leaders and managers from all walks of life and sectors. I qualified with Henley Business School and am also a qualified coach supervisor. In addition to Élan Coaching, I also run 'Art in Coaching', a new venture providing workshops for coaches to develop this transformational approach to our work.

Full Profile

I have been practicing coaching for over 12 years having qualified with Henley Business School. As well as being an APECS Accredited Executive Coach I am also a qualified coach supervisor holding the EMCC ESQA Certificate in Supervision from Bath Consultancy Group. I own and run Élan Coaching Ltd (founded in 2007) and 'Art in Coaching', providing workshops for coaches to develop this transformational approach to our work. Detailed information on my practice can be found at and I can be contacted at

My coaching

My clients describe me as a highly intuitive, insightful and challenging coach and they tend to work with me on:
  • Developing personal and/or leadership qualities and behaviours in a new or existing role
  • Personal and professional impact including stepping up into a leadership role
  • Building professional relationships including managing challenging people
  • Acting as a sounding board to talk through and explore key decisions for their organisation, department or team, including organisational change and restructures
  • Career choices and decisions
As a person-centred coach I work from the premise that each person has the resources they need to achieve their own success. Many of my most memorable experiences are when clients make leaps of insight and awareness that catch them by surprise and lead to lasting changes.

Coaching is a continual learning space for both myself and my clients. Each time I work with someone it is a unique experience and I draw on my years of experience and knowledge to flex my approach to meet their needs. Within this I will also work systemically and creatively. Exploring the systems context and dynamic is often necessary to fully understanding and resolving the issues at hand, and through creative exploration I use an approach that can lead to significant shifts in personal understanding and awareness, creating those leaps of insight.

My clients

My clients are leaders and managers across a variety of sectors including leaders in their field who also have organisational leadership responsibilities. Clients include legal and financial professionals, scientists, academics, clinicians and engineers as well IT, financial and operational directors, and chief executives. The organisations I work with are also varied and from many sectors including professional services and international consultancies, universities, food distribution, research councils, pharmaceuticals and charities.


I am based in South/South West England and work across the UK via Skype and phone. For face to face sessions I work across the South, South West, London, Wales and the Midlands.

My Business Background

Before setting up Élan Coaching I was a director of a strategic consulting firm for 6 years working with the boards and senior management teams of fast growing businesses. Prior to that I had a long career in the financial services industry including multi-million pound programme management and heading up the internal audit function for a financial services plc.

Supervision and Coach Development for Internal and Independent Coaches

As well as coaching I supervise independent and internal coaches working on both a 1:1 and group basis. My supervision creates a reflective and supportive space for coaches to think through client issues, develop their coaching practice and be the best coach they can be for their clients.

I am licensed to use the Coaching Signatures profiling tool which helps coaches explore their preferred approach and how this impacts their client work.

I also run 'Art in Coaching' providing workshops for coaches who want to discover and develop how they can use art in their practice to deepen and enrich coaching conversations in a way that pure verbal coaching cannot.
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