APECS Global Inquiry Gathering - Executive Coaching and Supervision in Motion

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APECS Global Inquiry Gathering - Executive Coaching and Supervision in Motion

APECS Global Inquiry Gathering - Executive Coaching and Supervision in Motion

APECS Global Inquiry Gathering - Executive Coaching and Supervision in Motion.

We would like to invite you to a 2-hour inquiry gathering, led by Frances White, Anne Welsh, Chris Smith, and Laira Gold.


During 2020, a working party of Anne Welsh, Frances White, Chris Smith, and Laira Gold came together to discuss the idea of an APECS Symposium for 2021, and we would now very much like to open the dialogue out to all members. Our vision for the symposium is more of a process than an event, currently as follows:

Overall Purpose
To stimulate thought and provoke an inquiry dialogue amongst a range of established practitioners, coach training entities, clients, and others regarding the role of Executive Coaching in meeting the emerging needs of the world.

APECS Purpose
In sponsoring this initiative, we want to:
  1. Further APECS Purpose in the world by generating thought leadership about Coaching through our ability to connect and galvanise a range of people and organisations
  2. Raise our public profile in the marketplace – to re-enforce value for existing members and encourage new people to join us.
  3. Develop new lines of inquiry that may link to CPD events and content for 2021 and 2022 

Proposed Process
We envisage an emergent collaborative process; it will be an inquiry, involving a very "present" group of people who are committed to the exploration of how we can make a real difference in the world through our work with leaders and organisations.

Our aim is to be provocative, generative, inclusive, supportive, diverse, inquiring, reflective, reflexive and learning focused - embodying core elements of what we think makes coaching and supervision different from other learning interventions.

It might be that as we proceed, suggestions for action emerge that might be relevant for particular participants in the inquiry and therefore we might influence some people's thinking, organising and behaviours in the process. For instance, it might be that corporate clients participate as a way to generate new thinking for themselves and their leaders, for which they might then need support to take back into their business.

Step 1: Generate the Inquiry Question(s)
To do this, contact a range of leading practitioners as well as clients and coach training organisations etc. Ask them to offer the questions into which they would like to inquire together. Synthesise into a few clear groups of topics.

Step 2: Engage with People in Inquiry Groups/Streams
Invite as wide a group as possible to join different streams, based around these themes of topics/questions. This invite will include all APECS members but also much more widely from different bodies and organisations, internationally.

Step 3: Connecting event
As we see what emerges from the groups, we pull together an event to share and have a dialogue across the different streams and look for highlights/insights and areas for further research and action.

Step 4: Continuation
If the groups want to continue or new ones to form, then they may continue with their own momentum. We will know more when we reach this point. We may want to compile, guide, find sponsors for work-streams or Idea Hubs, find participants to carry the thinking forwards, keep stimulating the inquiry, provide supervision type oversight to keep the inquiry groups on whatever kind of track is emerging, support in any way that is useful.

Engaging Contributions
We want this to be as a diverse as possible and we want it to be a collective dialogue. We will use our connections with clients and other practitioners to generate a rich experience. We would like to attract people through academia who are doing some new and fresh PhD type studies and materials.

This initial inquiry session is intended to:
1. start the Inquiry process, beginning to identify and shape some of the questions we may want to explore
2. gauge the interest of APECS members in getting behind this process and to use their networks to extend the inquiry more widely

We are open to thoughts, suggestions, reflections, offers to participate in the organising and orchestration at all levels, and most of all collaboration. We very much hope to see you there.


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